International policies to promote cooperative housing

In the face of persistent housing problems across the globe, policy debates are increasingly looking to cooperative housing for innovative solutions. This study offers an international review of the legal tools and public policies available to different levels of government to promote housing cooperativism.
It focuses specifically on tools that bolster affordability and the decommodification of such housing models. The study develops a multi-level and long-term approach to
the housing life cycle, bringing together policies that shape the production phase, impact housing management, and focus on maintaining the model over time. It is based on the analysis of case studies of cities, regions and countries where public policies have played a significant role in the promotion of housing cooperativism.

Carles Baiges, Architect Lacol, Mara Ferreri, Researcher IGOP-UAB, Lorenzo Vidal, Researcher CIDOB
Claudia Thiesen is the author of the case study Switzerland.