The Disappearance of Robin Hood

Kosmopolitics – «Vanishing Values of the City: What Ever Happened to Social Housing?»
(discussion and screening)

Utopian ideas from the 1960’s, born from the lessons learned after the second world war, are slowly but surely disappearing. In London, a legacy of social housing is disappearing apartment block by apartment block. Why is this happening? Elsewhere – even in Zürich – urban transformations at various scales are re-creating neighbourhoods, social fabrics, and street realities. But what motivates these transformations, and what are their results? This film will use the case study of the recent demolition Robin Hood Gardens, the iconic social housing estate by British modernists Alison and Peter Smithson, to address these questions, among many others.

Discussion with
+ Klearjos Eduardo Papanicolaou, Filmmaker, Chair of Arch. and Urban Design, ETHZ
+ Hubert Klumpner, Professor, Chair of Architecture and Urban Design, ETHZ
+ Tanja Herdt, Senior Researcher, Wohnforum, ETHZ
+ Sabine Wolf, Urban Planner, Landscape Architect BSLA, Co-development «Kalki» and «Zollhaus» (Genossenschaft Kalkbreite)
+ Host: Marcy Goldberg, Film Historian, Media Consultant, University Lecturer

– Montag 11. März 2019
– 19.30 Uhr
– Forum im Kosmos, Lagerstrasse 104, 8004 Zürich